Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jingle Bells

This picture does not do these justice. Malia, Rachel, and I made these cute blocks back in November just as a fun activity while our husbands laughed over a silly movie. We just cut 2 by 4s into squares (thanks to Scott) and then embellished with paper and chipboard letters.
All the paper we used was from American Crafts Christmas collection... most from this years, some from last years. The paper is just modge podged to the painted blocks. The stickers separating the two papers are borders from Doodlebug. The "jingle" letters are stickers from American Crafts. The red circles are just hole punched... and the bells we just got at Roberts for some extra bling. These are a fun Christmas decoration and they were so inexpensive and easy to make.

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olivia said...

OK... I know I'm almost a year late on this, but I had to come back and see how long I'd been in the dark about this... How did I have no idea that you were a Scrapbook QUEEN?

And, the mention of the American Crafts makes me wonder: did you make it to the Warehouse sale they had this past Christmas/New Years? Julie (Buffington) Hamilton was actually the way I found out, and I went back twice, and have wished that I would have gone back 17 times! I want more of what I got... the chipboard letters are a fave... so much ribbon, paper. Oh man. I get sad when I think about how I can't go back.

Anyway... I'm loving the browse through your creations! Ben and I are *almost* done at the BYU, then we're off for his Masters in Landscape Architecture either in Louisiana or North Carolina... I am DYING for my turn at "SAHM"

OK... I know I should've done this by email. But I couldn't help myself.

Love to you!!